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Travel Log: All day of travel to reach Jakarta

I know I haven’t blogged much lately. Things have been busy to say the least. Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Portland VegFest where I was the emcee for the new Fitness stage. It was the first … Continue reading

Posted on 10/04/2014 | Comments Off

Cool articles for you to read…

I’m going to share some cool articles for you to read…since I’ve been completely slacking on updating my blog. You know I love to write. You know I have soooo much amazing content I want to share with you. But … Continue reading

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Updated Raw Chocolate Mousse

Things have been so crazy busy with my business but I wanted to say HI and give you an updated version of the mousse I’ve been eating like almost every night. I’ve updated my already delicious raw avocado chocolate mousse … Continue reading

Posted on 07/30/2014 | 2 Comments

My First Vegetarian Summerfest – An Uplifting Experience

I owe you a recap of the Vegetarian Summerfest conference I attended and spoke at last week. To say it was a blast is an understatement! This was their 40th anniversary and I would be lying if I haven’t wanted to … Continue reading

Posted on 07/11/2014 | 1 Comment

Why the numbers don’t mean a thing & the method to my madness

Numbers. I weigh this much. My body fat is this much. I lost this much weight or this percent body fat in x number of weeks. People get hung up on these numbers like they actually mean something. Women get … Continue reading

Posted on 06/27/2014 | 8 Comments

Day 10 Sugar Cleanse – Will you keep going?

Today we embark on the last day of our 10-Day Sugar Cleanse! I must say it was easier than I thought and I want to continue. I’m thinking of adding an unprocessed challenge on top of it to really give … Continue reading

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Day 6 Sugar Cleanse – Over the hump and feeling good

I’m sitting at my favorite coffee shop that let’s me keep my unsweetened soy milk in their fridge and I have vegan donuts staring me in the face. I can honestly say I do not want them. Day 6 and … Continue reading

Posted on 06/20/2014 | Comments Off

Day 4 Sugar Cleanse – Smoky Chili Beans

We are in Day 4 of the 10-Day Sugar Cleanse. How are you doing? Yesterday I was a bit moody, dragging in energy, and quite clumsy as I dropped my favorite VVC tea mug on the ground. Last night my … Continue reading

Posted on 06/18/2014 | 1 Comment

Lemon Tahini Dressing – A Frequent Dressing of Mine

Day 2. Sugar Cleanse. How are you doing? I feel pretty darn good. I had a pretty simple day 1; big smoothie for breakfast, made my raw chocolate mousse (sweetened with dates) topped with strawberries, Amy’s low sodium soup for … Continue reading

Posted on 06/16/2014 | 7 Comments

10-Day Sugar Cleanse Underway!

Are you prepping some awesome meals for the week today? Fail to prepare or you will plan to fail! Prep some staples today and package up some meals you can easily grab and go. This really helps me keep my … Continue reading

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