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Two healthy snack subscription services you want to try!

The Tough Mudder is behind me and I’m happy to mark that off my bucket list. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. A cold front came through and the wind was blowing pretty hard. I had to skip a few obstacle for fear of complete hyperthermia. I nearly froze to death. But we finished! And I’ve got the bruises and gimp leg to prove it! Unfortunately I have no photos because none of my friends wanted to come watch and support us.

Today I want to tell you about two exciting snack subscription services that help you take all the guesswork out of finding healthy snacks for you and your family. I’m all for making snacks at home, but sometimes life is crazy and that just isn’t an option. Or maybe you do not live near a natural food store where you can find healthy snacks. Enter Healthy Surprise and Vegan Cuts Snack Box.

It’s a brilliant idea really. If you are already buying snacks and you are healthy, vegan, and/or gluten-free you know the tiresome act of label reading on all package food. Why not save some time and let someone else read the labels for you! And what if you buy a package of something then discover you don’t like it. You don’t want to waste the money and the product. By going with a snack subscription service you can try new products you may have never heard of before and discover new things you love. That’s what happened to me!

The Vegan Cuts monthly subscription box includes 5-8 vegan products, both food and household, that are similar to the products they offer in their daily deals. They quickly sold out of the first October box, so better sign up now for the November box. If you haven’t check out their daily deals you should rush over to their website and check it out!

Healthy Surprise (as seen in the photo to the right) has 3 subscription options for those who need or want more snacks in their box. I tried one of their boxes and was pleasantly surprised at all the options and variety. There were brands that I had never heard of before, which is a rare thing. Watch the video below to find out more.

(please click through to the post to view the video if viewing this in email)

I was like a kid in a candy store when I opened that box of goodies! But instead of being depressed and discouraged because I couldn’t eat anything in the store, I was overjoyed that I could eat every single thing in the Healthy Surprise box! My favorites were the chai bliss almonds, the caramel corn, the cinnamon and sugar chips, the kale chips, Boba’s oat bar and a cookie who’s brand escapes me.

Thankfully for you, Healthy Surprise is letting me giveaway one of these delicious snack boxes! Enter to win a “Healthy” box which has 32-40 servings per box and feeds 2-6 people. You will not be disappointed! US residents only.

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  1. I love Rhythm Superfoods kale chips.

  2. I love Primal Strips and for dessert, Endangered Species dark chocolate bars!

  3. I actually don't eat that many snacks, but the one thing I generally keep on hand are Clif Bars – I like to eat about 1/4 of one before I work out to give me a little energy!

  4. I love Peeled Snacks' fruit.  I could eat them all day  – oh wait, I already do!!

  5. I recently tried Alive & Radiant Foods' kale chips…they were delicious!!

  6. I love Clif.  And I love Rhythm Kale chips when I can find them in my small southern town (which is never, so I have to drive 60 miles  LOL)

  7. cynthia randall

    Keenwah Decadence bars

  8. Right now I'm really into Raw Revolution bars when I need something portable and tasty.  This box looks AWESOME.  My kids would love it, too!

  9. I love Clif bars! So yummy :D

  10. Cool!  I wish there was a way to do this without all environmentally unfriendly plastic packaging.  Because of that I wouldn't subscribe but it's a neat idea.  Sorry no one came to watch you but hopefully race officials took photos ? 

  11. this looks awesome!

  12. I heart Clif bars very very much.

  13. Cristi Perkins

    Kind bars

  14. I love kale chips and so does my son.

  15. Love Hail Merry!

  16. I love Kind bars

  17. Pro bars are great!



    Larabars :)

  19. I love Bumble Bars–they're highly underrated. There are also a lot of vegan snacks I would like to try but that I can't afford. This would be so fun to win!

  20. This looks like a lot of fun! My favorite snacks lately are salt and pepper rice cakes

  21. Congrats on finishing the Tough Mudder!

  22. I love kind bars. They taste and feel healthy and yummy

  23. I'm vegan and gluten free and this sounds AMAZING! It's so hard to find products (especially baked goods and snacks) that are both!  And baking vegan/gluten-free can be expensive and complicated. Love this!

  24. Larabars are a favorite around here!

  25. Also, larabars are my favorite snacks!

  26. I really love the Clif Z-bars

  27. larabars are great1

  28. I don't really have a favorite yet.  I am still in search of yummy snack favorites.  I typically just have plain popcorn or fruits.  I am excited to hear about these possiblities.  Or should I say, my kids are happy to hear about these.  Thanks for sharing.

  29. I really, really love fruit leathers from Stretch Island! I wish I had the tools/patience to make my own.

  30. Peeled Snacks–yum! Thank you for this giveaway! 

  31. I love Primal Strips. 

  32. I love Alive and Radiant Kale Chips :)

  33. I love Alive & Radiant Kale chips…they are the best store-bought kale chips I have found!

  34. I love SeaSnax :D

  35. This looks awesome! I rarely buy vegan snacks, but these look good. 

  36. My favorite snack is GoMacro bars, especially the cashew one, yum!!!

  37. What a wonderful idea. I'm always looking for easy healthy snacks for my family. Can't get any easier than this.

  38. I'm a big fan of Kind Bars, as well as the Tofurkey pepperoni pizza!

  39. Patty Henrichsen

    This looks very cool!  I'm gonna check out both web-sites right now.  

  40. Grace Kellermann-McLean

    I love Kale Chips (any brand really, and homemade) and daiya havarti wedge with veggie flavored rice cracker….yummy and GF XD

  41. Lara Bars are my favorite snack.  They're so handy to keep in my purse for when sudden hunger strikes!

  42. I like Lara Bars. 

  43. That's like the care package of my dreams!!

  44. Right now my favorite sweet snack is the Kickin' Coconut Dark Chocolate bar from sweetriot.  

  45. So many awesome companies! I really like the rosemary garlic Gone Nuts that I thought I saw you open in that box. So good!

  46. I love Rawxies!

  47. Favorite snack food company? Ahhh… I've been eating Justin's nut butter squeeze pouches. Does that count? Haha

  48. i usually just eat grapes for a snack,  but other than that I love Kind bars!

  49. AmyVan Liew

    Raw cookies and snacks.

  50. my favorite snack is fresh raspberries.  But they aren't always in season or available, so then I tend to reach for raw nuts, seeds, and maybe some dried fruit.  Lara bars are my go-to right now.

  51. Vans all natural waffles and homemade (not store-bought!) peanut butter! Also with a little bit of organic jam on top if I'm feeling sweet :)

  52. my fave snack of the moment are crisp peas….but i love veggie straws too….(i'm a salty snack kinda girl!!!)

  53. Justin's….. We love, love, love, the dark chocolate peanut butter cups!

  54. clif bars for prepackaged but I really enjoy making my own snacks!

  55. I've always wanted one of these, but I never know which service to subscribe to!

  56. I'm a fan of Mary's Gone Crackers, just to name one!

  57. crunchamame is my current fave snack! so yummy!

  58. Trader Joe's kale chips

  59. Favorite snack? Larabars (although that one sometimes serves as breakfast for me), crisp apples + almond butter, Oskri date sesame bars…. and so many more!

  60. I am obsessed with Funky Monkey freeze dried fruit. A one serving bag has two servings of fruit and are all about 100 calories!

  61. Billie Jean

    I have SO many favorites! LARABAR, Oskri, Clif, Luna, Mary's Gone Gluten-free pretzels, and the list goes on!

  62. oooh! i’ve been making my own knock-off lara bars. yum.

  63. My all time favorite snack is an apple with nut butter, but lately I have been enjoying Way Better Foods sweet potato tortilla chips. They go great with guac! Yum.

  64. I love a lot of snacks…but one of my faves is Crum Creek's soy crisps!

  65. I'm so glad your site is up again — I can't imaging how stressful that was!  Thanks for the great giveaway!  I don't know if I have a favorite company, but Larabar is up there!

  66. My favorite snack is Kale Chips!

  67. I get the email updates with the special discounts from Vegan Cuts, but I have never tried either of these subscriptions.  I love trying new products so that I can recommend them to my clients (and eat them myself)!

  68. My favorite company for "snack food" is Kashi–I eat their cereals (most are vegan) as snacks :)

  69. Have to say my favorite snack is Go Max Go candy bars. But that's why I need to sample more healthy foods!

  70. I don't think I have a favorite snack–it's always changing!

  71. I like all snacks, especially chocolate anything!

  72. I love to snack on gf trail mix..

  73. mary's gone crackers 

  74. food should taste good sweet potato chips and tortilla chips are yummy

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